[mythtv] XBox (or PS2) - MythTV

Mubashir Cheema mythtv at cheema.com
Wed Feb 5 11:56:33 EST 2003

I can download a free Linux distribution from xbox-linux.sf.net.
Is there such a thing for Sony Playstation?

Last I looked at the Sony PS2 Linux kit, it was priced prohibitively at
$200.  Has this changed recently?


> If you only plan to use this for a frontend, maybe a PS2 would be a
> better platform considering Sony's embrace of Linux and Microsoft's
> fear.  You can run Linux on a PS2 with Sony's blessing and it has
> everything that an Xbox would have for a frontend, plus Firewire which
> may come in handy for local storage or networking.
> Michael
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