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Peter Marriott peter at bms.net.au
Wed Feb 5 15:14:49 EST 2003

Using it to capture would be difficult and probably too much for it but, I
think having my Xbox behave as a MythTV frontend would be great, it would
mean one less clunky box in my living room. I have only had my Xbox for a
couple of weeks, and now I am stuck in the US on a business trip, but when I
return, I will certainly be trying it.

By my reckoning the Xbox makes a good candidate for a mythfrontend machine
1) Has good quality TV-OUT
2) It is quiet
3) Looks better than most (cheap) PC cases.
4) It is cheap ($300AUD)
5) Comes with build in DVD player.
6) Has IR receiver from the DVD kit (don't know if this will work under

1) Have to put a mod-chip in to do anything fun with it
2) Expensive if you were buying it solely as a mythfrontend.


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Assuming an XBox is good enough to encode and playback at 480x480 (live
tv), what, if any, Video 4 Linux capture device would work with an
XBox?  There is no PCI slot for a capture card.  Is there any USB
device that might work in this situation.

Any thoughts?

The price point is soo good.  A capture device and big hard drive might
make this possible for $350-$400.


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