[mythtv] G200TV sound bizarrity

Colin Panisset mythtv at clabber.com
Mon Feb 3 09:35:34 EST 2003

On Monday 03 February 2003 00:06, Chris Lack spake thus:
> On Monday 03 February 2003 01:45 am, Colin Panisset wrote:
> <snip>
> > What I want (and it's not unreasonable) is to have the TV tuner audio
> > routed through the "AUDIO OUT" plug, into the sound card so that it
> > gets encoded with the video; then to have audio played by the sound
> > card routed from the "AUDIO IN" plug through the breakout box to emerge
> > from the left and right RCA audio out plugs and thence to the TV.
> > Simple, really.
> <snip>
> This can be done--but not with the stock msp3400 driver from mgavideo. 
> You'd have to edit the source (msp3400.c) and force it to do this
> manually.  There is a neato little diagram in the source file showing the
> inputs/outputs.

Unfortunately, that little diagram is a very poor substitute for actual 
documentation. I was trying more to avoid the necessity for a 
trial-and-error approach on switching the inputs, but if that's the way it 
has to be, then at least I can provide some reasonable documentation for it 
when I'm done.

  -- C.

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