[mythtv] backend plus frontend

Douglas Pace Douglas.Pace at NAU.EDU
Mon Feb 3 10:04:24 EST 2003

One thing I found while trying to get it to work for myself, was that 
the backend_settings.txt on the front end and the backend must be the 
same. At least in the version of CVS I was running.  I'm assuming this 
is because this feature is still under heavy development. Although, I 
was getting a 'Connection timed out' from the frontend, if your getting 
something else, can't really help. Sorry.


Greg.Froese at federated.ca wrote:

>I'm not totally there myself.  I can get mythtv to startup fine on the 
>frontend, while the backend is running on a different machine across my 
>LAN.  I select TV and I can schedule a recording using the guide with no 
>trouble.  however, if i try to watch a recorded show, I get the screen 
>displaying all my shows and the first one is highlighted with all the 
>details at the bottom, however, that is where mythfrontend hangs.
>An error appears on the console in the backend saying something like:
>unknown command: QM<something, can't remember>_CHECKFILE
>obviously not sure what the error is, but something to that effect.
>any one else having these problems?
>any one successfully running myth across the network with some advise?

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