[mythtv] backend plus frontend

Greg.Froese at Federated.CA Greg.Froese at Federated.CA
Sun Feb 2 22:12:34 EST 2003

not sure if you got this solved yet, but I changed the ip in the main() 
function of main.cpp in the frontend and then recompiled.
you also have to change the ip in mysql.txt

hope that helps.

Ken VanDine <ken at bizrace.com>
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02/01/2003 02:06 AM
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Hello everyone,

Has anyone successfully setup a frontend and backend on different hosts? I 
tried it and it seg faults.  I did find a couple sourse files that 
localhost and changed those to the IP of my backend box.  Any ideas will 
be nice.

Ken VanDine
biZrace Inc.
kvandine at biZrace.com
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