[mythtv] frontend connection error

Michael Kedl kedlm at knology.net
Sun Feb 2 20:01:21 EST 2003

Not sure if you got this fixed or not.  Apparently RH8 needs the
following 2 lines in /etc/my.cnf on the backend or remote access won't
work for mysql.


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On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 08:56, Greg.Froese at federated.ca wrote:
> setup:
> myth machine: RH8.0 IP  (everything works fine locally)
> frontend machine: RH8.0 IP
> I'm trying to connect a frontend from a separate machine to the backend on 
> my main myth machine.
> I can successfully login to mysql on the myth machine remotely from the 
> frontend machine using: 
> mysql -h -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
> however, when I try to run mythfrontend (I changed the ip in main() of 
> mythfrontend to, i get the following error:
> connecting to backend server:
> couldn't open db
> Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy
> for what it's worth, mythbackend does see the connection attempt and shows 
> it in the console.
> any ideas here?
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