[mythtv] Patch: Volume and Mute support

Larry Matter mythtv at matter.net
Sun Feb 2 08:04:39 EST 2003

>> Also, I'm curious...do you actually use the mute feature?  I
>> can't think of
>> a situation where I would rather mute than pause (if I used
>> mythtv for such
>> things, instead of my TV or receiver).
> I used MythTV as visual background during coverage of the shuttle
> disaster, when the news heads didn't know anything and were repeating
> the same stuff over and over again.  I still wanted to see the ticker
> though, so I muted.
> In the next version, I'll work on a configurable mixer.  But this should
> work as a first version for people with only one soundcard.

Another reason is to use the closed caption text instead of the sound if
you are trying to watch quietly (assuming that the closed captioning will
work that way).  But yeah, generally I would just pause it.


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