[mythtv] Patch: Volume and Mute support

Robert Kulagowski rkulagowski at thrupoint.net
Sun Feb 2 09:35:16 EST 2003

> What is this about:
> @@ -355,9 +370,6 @@
>               (internalState == kState_WatchingRecording &&
>                nextState == kState_None))
>      {
> -        if (internalState == kState_WatchingRecording)
> -            recorder->StopPlaying();
> -
>          closePlayer = true;
>          internalState = nextState;

I hadn't noticed that.  I think that's diff catching up my private tv_play
with the one that was in CVS.  Problem was that I diffed to the latest
rather than my base version, which was d-u-m-b..  I'll redo the diff.

> Also, I'm curious...do you actually use the mute feature?  I
> can't think of
> a situation where I would rather mute than pause (if I used
> mythtv for such
> things, instead of my TV or receiver).

I used MythTV as visual background during coverage of the shuttle disaster,
when the news heads didn't know anything and were repeating the same stuff
over and over again.  I still wanted to see the ticker though, so I muted.

In the next version, I'll work on a configurable mixer.  But this should
work as a first version for people with only one soundcard.
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