[mythtv] Auto Install feature

Robert Middleswarth robert at middleswarth.net
Sat Feb 1 23:37:46 EST 2003

Nathan Ziarek wrote:

>I don't think anyone is wiling to work on it right now, but I would
>guess eventually that is the place it is going to go. Right now it is
>kind of a techie/putzing project (although I've had .7 running without
>flaw for weeks), but as it gets more and more polished (perhaps to v1
>release), I would think the idea of autoupgrading/updating (things like
>XMLTV) would be tossed around.
>I, of course, just make buttons, so I don't really know what I am
>talking about :)
1) Not Really Needed.  If you are using something based off of debian or 
an RPM based system such as RedHat or Mandrake using apt-get for Deb or 
RPM and have it automaticly update packages at X time on everyday.

2) I had already given this some thought and was thinking of making a 
install image that was based off of RedHat that would install only what 
was needed to make MythTV work.  My Idea was to modify the Redhat 
Install Program to walk thought MythTV Install.   This could be done 
with any version of linux not just RedHat but what every dist. you based 
off of you would probly have to have some custom pagckage so it would 
need to be keep up by a group not just 1 person.

3) A script that would first check if anything is being recorded or will 
be recording in say the next 5 to 15 Mins run the update and restart 
processes as nessary.  

Robert M

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