[mythtv] Auto Install feature

Dwight Hubbard dhubbard at dwightandamy.com
Sun Feb 2 10:14:26 EST 2003

> 2) I had already given this some thought and was thinking of making a
> install image that was based off of RedHat that would install only what
> was needed to make MythTV work.  My Idea was to modify the Redhat
> Install Program to walk thought MythTV Install.   This could be done
> with any version of linux not just RedHat but what every dist. you based
>  off of you would probly have to have some custom pagckage so it would
> need to be keep up by a group not just 1 person.

I would think it would be a whole lot easier to use kickstart instead of
messing with the installer.

It wouldn't be to hard to modify the kickstart configurator to generate
the kickstart ks.cfg, append the mythinstall stuff to the post section and
create a new boot.img with the ks.cfg on it.  That way it wouldn't require
modifying the installer each time a new redhat is released.

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