[mythtv] Graphical Setup

aaron aiperl at rogers.com
Sat Feb 1 17:27:26 EST 2003

Aha, I figured it out, apparently. I changed a hundred things, and now it
works. ;)

I think the problem was that it was using some old settings that I had
forgotten I'd copied to ~/.mythtv. Removing most of the stuff in there (and
doing yet another complete recompile) seems to have fixed the problem.

Now all that's left is to work out my system stability problems. Which I know
are not Myth's fault... I suspect either the sound driver (ALSA, SB Live) or
bttv driver are buggy... the OOPSes look like memory corruption, or maybe a
race condition. Yay. :/

Thanks for the help with my "setup" problem. :)


On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 16:36:32 -0500 spake Matt of:

> On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 03:37:09PM -0500, aaron wrote:
> > As far as I know, yes, mythbackend is running. Myth seems to be working
> > just fine (I can watch live tv, for example), except that the setup button
> > isn't doing anything.
> Are you sure that you are running the version of mythfrontend that you think
> you are?  Check the modification time with ls -l `which mythfrontend`, and
> such.
> Also, check whether mythfrontend is printing any errors; if you are starting
> it with a script and not saving the output, try starting it from a terminal
> window instead.

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