[mythtv] Graphical Setup

Bryce C Plug at bryceco.net
Sat Feb 1 12:58:55 EST 2003

Is mythbackend running in addition to mythfrontend?  I believe that the
frontend gets it DB access (information?) from the backend and without
the backend, setup may not run.
Just a thought.

On Sat, 2003-02-01 at 12:34, aaron wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry to clutter the list again with probably a simple problem...
> Recently I switched from Myth 0.7 to the CVS tree. Everything seems to be
> working fine, except that when I choose "setup" from mythfrontend, nothing
> happens.
> I know that 0.7 has no graphical setup, but I'm not using 0.7. I thought maybe
> it had to do with my /usr/local/share/mythtv directory, so I removed it and
> did "make install" again, but it didn't help. I do notice that settings.txt is
> gone... so I would assume that means I'm "supposed" to have a graphical setup.
> I have no trouble running the setup tool from the setup directory, but I'm
> pretty sure that's not the same thing, particularly because it has no options
> for recording quality and such.
> Any suggestions? I think I've updated my database to the required level, if
> that's relevant...
> Thanks...
Bryce C <Plug at BryceCo.Net>
CoBryce Communications
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