[mythtv] [patch] Remove a unused function.

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Tue Dec 30 15:35:42 EST 2003

On Tuesday 30 December 2003 02:57 am, Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:
> > Is there anything from your virtual recorder patch that you'd
> > like applied?  Wasn't sure from the text of your email..
> If you are reffering to the virtual recorder stuff, I dunno?
> Would you like to apply it? It does not break anything, but it
> definatly would need a cleaner solution. And some cases are not
> handled well at all, like when primary recorder is done, the
> virtual recorder is left in a state of flux.

I wouldn't have a problem applying it if you wanted it in CVS, as it only 
touches the DVB code.

> As for the other patches, I hope Augusto will resubmit his patch.



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