[mythtv] [Committed] Option to always use full screen for TV

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Fri Dec 26 20:32:17 EST 2003

On 12/26/03 20:11:32, Bruce Markey wrote:
> How did you create that patch? It took me a couple attempts
> to get it applied. Did you create two patches in two different
> directories then cat them together?

Yeah.  I've got too many minor outstanding diffs to current CVS in my  
tree to do it in the straightforward way, unfortunately.  If there's a  
preferred way to generate cvs diffs of just specified files from  
different directories, please do let me know what it is.

> The other thing that would be nice to have would be a key to
> toggle between fullscreen and GUI size. This would be useful
> for MythTV in a window on the desktop. Your option seems to
> set the size when it creates the playback window. Do you see
> an easy way to extend this to allow changing sizes during
> playback?

Just guessing here, but I'd say that would take considerably more work,  
as you'd need to reinitialize video decoding into the new size.  It  
would probably also require waiting for a keyframe.  Ugly, I say :-)

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