[mythtv] Help on changing mythsetup

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sun Dec 21 23:27:26 EST 2003

On Sunday 21 December 2003 11:18 pm, Curtis Wood wrote:
>   I think your missing the point behind all this, about a week or so ago
> I inquired about the external app being executed in the background - you
> replied that is was actually put back that way because there were to
> many complaints about it taking way to long to change channels I took it
> upon myself to find away around that & with the issue of MythTV starting
> to record and display a new channel, before it had actually changed -
> making things very ugly and actually harder on Myth itself (resulting in
> choppy video and/or sound). Whether it is external or not is really not
> the point, I just figured putting into MythTV would be a benefit to
> users so they wouldnt have to going looking for a good and fast changer
> program - especially since its not that big of a deal to add.

I'm not missing the point, you're not reading a single word of anything that 
I've written.  I suppose I'll stop wasting my time now.


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