[mythtv] archiving to dvd

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at gorpe.com
Sun Dec 7 08:29:27 EST 2003

Brent Hills wrote:

>On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 06:19, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
>I like the idea of storing the metadata with the drive information. I
>would still like to keep the information in the database though so that
>you could easily determine what was archived without flipping through
I'd considered something like that myself.  Something along the lines of 
"Archived to MythDVD disk #11" in the database, along with a 
corresponding "Please insert MythDVD disk #11" when you try to play an 
achived recording.  Such a feature would need to be optional though, 
since one good reason to start archiving shows is to clear out your 
recorded programs list.

>For me, I don't really need it to be in a "standard" dvd format.  I need
>it to be in a format I can read via Myth and tools.  Myth reads its own
>formats without the additional time and processing required to
>transcode.  Just record and burn no additional processing required or
>worries about transcoding issues (audio/video sync,bad cuts, time and
>load to re-encode).
>If you maintain access to the cut list, bookmarks etc. its very
>versatile.  I recognize there are others that would prefer it in a
>format they could more easily share with non-Myth friends or use in
>standard DVD players.  For my needs, I will always be playing through
>Myth.  As long as it can read it I'm happy.
I would also prefer the Myth specific DVD case, since you would be able 
to fit more programs on the disk, if they were in MPEG 4 for example. 
However, the ability to store the recrodings in a format playable on any 
DVD player is compelling and has enough uses that I'd consider it a 
"must have" for any itegrated archiving solution.

>Isaac and all have kept the file format relatively stable to my
>knowledge.  I haven't worried too much about creating coasters I
>wouldn't be able to read in the near future.  Is this naive?
Perhaps, but even if the file format changes there's always going to be 
a way to play the older format.

>One issue with burning by the user interface is the need to have root
>privileges.  I guess you could either allow sudo or prompt for a
>password to gain sufficient access.
As long as the device has it's permissions set properly you don't need 
to be root to burn.

>I once stated that I was going to do a burn interface for mythmusic and
>have yet to spend enough time to fulfill that (and a few other
>suggestions I've opened my mouth for).  So, I'll just keep shut this
>time, at least until my actions catch up with my mouth.
>I do find it encouraging that others might be interested in similar
>features and that this might become part of Myth's functionality rather
>than the manual work around I currently use.
I plan on starting on thius sometime around the first of the year...  If 
you've got any thoughts on it feel free to drop me a line off list.

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