[mythtv] archiving to dvd

Brent Hills bhills at openshores.com
Sat Dec 6 17:31:14 EST 2003

On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 06:19, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:

> >Might I suggest something like mythinfo-metadata.xml to describe all
> >files in the current directory? Or perhaps filenameofvideo-mythinfo.xml?
> >It would be appropriate for the extension to identify the file type, and
> >sticking with xml makes that data much more useful for utility programs
> >(i.e. generating archive reports, etc). Just my 2 cents.

I like the idea of storing the metadata with the drive information. I
would still like to keep the information in the database though so that
you could easily determine what was archived without flipping through

> I've been kicking around the idea of a DVD/CD recording / archiving tool 
> for Myth.  The tool would either create a standard DVD with menus, or a 
> MythDVD/CD that's nothing more than the video / audio files (psosibly 
> games an  other fieles as well?) with an xml file containing the 
> metadata for the files.  With the MediaHandler stuff in place, inserting 
> a MythDVD/CD into the machine would bring up a nice themed menu with the 
> contents of the disk and allow you to play / view the contents....
> Right now I've only investigated the recording tools side of things and 
> done some very basic design.

For me, I don't really need it to be in a "standard" dvd format.  I need
it to be in a format I can read via Myth and tools.  Myth reads its own
formats without the additional time and processing required to
transcode.  Just record and burn no additional processing required or
worries about transcoding issues (audio/video sync,bad cuts, time and
load to re-encode).

If you maintain access to the cut list, bookmarks etc. its very
versatile.  I recognize there are others that would prefer it in a
format they could more easily share with non-Myth friends or use in
standard DVD players.  For my needs, I will always be playing through
Myth.  As long as it can read it I'm happy.

Isaac and all have kept the file format relatively stable to my
knowledge.  I haven't worried too much about creating coasters I
wouldn't be able to read in the near future.  Is this naive?

If that ever does happen I guess then I would have to worry about

One issue with burning by the user interface is the need to have root
privileges.  I guess you could either allow sudo or prompt for a
password to gain sufficient access.

I once stated that I was going to do a burn interface for mythmusic and
have yet to spend enough time to fulfill that (and a few other
suggestions I've opened my mouth for).  So, I'll just keep shut this
time, at least until my actions catch up with my mouth.

I do find it encouraging that others might be interested in similar
features and that this might become part of Myth's functionality rather
than the manual work around I currently use.


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