[mythtv] [patch] hdtvrecorder and pat/pmt parsing

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Fri Dec 5 20:47:06 EST 2003

On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 02:09, Doug Larrick wrote:
> On 12/04/03 16:44:42, Steve Brown wrote:
> > A bigger concern to me is the overlap in functionality between the  
> > dvb and hdtv code, including the kernel driver. I would think that a  
> > little surgery on the pchdtv driver to use the same interface as the  
> > dvb driver and include the kernel-level filtering and assembling of  
> > sections would avoid maintaining both sets of myth code. Though, I  
> > doubt I have the skills to do much about it.
> Well, if you wanted to bring this up, the forums over at pchdtv.com  
> would be the place, I would think.
> Indeed I think the driver might stand a better chance of being  
> incorporated into the mainstream kernel if it fit into the (newer) DVB  
> driver infrastructure.  On the other hand, then what would you do with  
> the NTSC-tuner half of the card?  Or does DVB have a provision for an  
> uncompressed video stream?

There is a v4l[?:2] part in the drivers, which is meant to complement a
full featured dvb card. What it does is simply feed the stream tuned
through the /dev/dvb/frontend device into the decoder on the card, and
feed that output onto the v4l[?:2] device. There is no support for
tuning a dvb card through the v4l[?:2] interface, ie, the application
has to use the /dev/dvb/frontend device for that. Also expanding this
scheme to incorperate feeding the ntsc part of your pchdtv card through
that layer should be simple (according to linux kernel standards)...

Sorry for missing the complete context in my previous posting.


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