[mythtv] [patch] hdtvrecorder and pat/pmt parsing

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Thu Dec 4 20:09:10 EST 2003

On 12/04/03 16:44:42, Steve Brown wrote:
> A bigger concern to me is the overlap in functionality between the  
> dvb and hdtv code, including the kernel driver. I would think that a  
> little surgery on the pchdtv driver to use the same interface as the  
> dvb driver and include the kernel-level filtering and assembling of  
> sections would avoid maintaining both sets of myth code. Though, I  
> doubt I have the skills to do much about it.

Well, if you wanted to bring this up, the forums over at pchdtv.com  
would be the place, I would think.

Indeed I think the driver might stand a better chance of being  
incorporated into the mainstream kernel if it fit into the (newer) DVB  
driver infrastructure.  On the other hand, then what would you do with  
the NTSC-tuner half of the card?  Or does DVB have a provision for an  
uncompressed video stream?

>> Instead of setting video_pid and audio_pid in RewritePMT, can you   
>> decode them out of the PAT when you find the desired_program (where  
>> you  currently set the pmt_pid), choosing the first audio PID?
> At the time I fish the pmt pid out of the pat, I haven't yet received  
> the pmt. I have to wait for it to identify the video/audio streams in  
> the multiplex.

Ah, you're right, sorry ... I was remembering the MGT (in PSIP) that  
has all this info in one place.

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