[mythtv] [PATCH] MP3 options for TV recording

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Thu Dec 4 17:55:44 EST 2003

On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 11:35:35AM +1300, David Zanetti wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Attached patch alters the options for software mp3 encoding on TV recoding
> profiles. It's against the current CVS.
> Changes:
>  - Renames "MP3 Quality" to "Algorithm Quality", reflecting what the
> control actually does. Help text updated to suit.

This control does not affect the quality of the algorithm.  It should
probably be renamed "Quality", regardless of what the underlying setting is

>  - Adds CBR/ABR/VBR option

Have you checked whether this actually works properly?  I thought there was
a reason why things were the way they were.

>  - Adds bitrate option (for CBR/ABR)
>  - Adds quality slider (for VBR)
>  - Adds stereo mode (auto, joint stereo, stereo, mono downmix)

Rather than having comments like "Ignored if...", it would be better to have
only applicable options displayed depending on the value of the CBR/ABR/VBR
option.  See the codec selector, some of the audio settings, etc. for
examples of how to do this.

 - mdz

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