[mythtv] [PATCH] New look for the backend status page

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Tue Dec 2 04:55:53 EST 2003

Patch against current CVS. Still needs the other two patches originally send.

Added in this patch:

 *  Countdown on every show (This recording will start in 1 day, 10 hours and 14
 minutes using encoder 1 with the 'Default' profile.)

 * Stupid stupid stupid Internet Explorer makes me an angry boy.

 *  Also checks for <0 on the DaysOfData since it can go negative if there is no

 * Some other cleanup.

 I  dunno if the calculations on the countdown (line 203-233 in the diff) can be
 made  any  better way.. This works and I did it as clean as I could (thanks for
 the help thor ;) Also, are those variable names ok? Differs from place to place
 how they look.

Best regards,
 Oscar                            mailto:oscar.carlsson at home.se
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