[mythtv] frontend crash w/ ff/rewind on divx files (seems okwithrtjpeg) w/ cvs from 11-30-03

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Tue Dec 2 04:42:47 EST 2003

> >> When fast forwarding or rewinding on divx encoded files, i get seg faults.  
> >> Encoding is being done w/ divx at 640x480 at 2200kbps and mp3 sound at quality 
> >> 5.  System is a dual athlon.  Let me know if more info is needed.
> EW> I get the same issue with mpeg2 from dvb broadcasts in exactly the same
> EW> place.  I suspect that it is seektable related because (try this), if you
> EW> watch the program through without rewinding or FF, then when you go back you
> EW> can RW/FF without problem...  I have had a cursory look through, but
> EW> couldn't work out exactly what was going wrong.
> EW> This is with CVS from 1-2 weeks back. 
> Don't  know  if  it's  related at all, but yesterday I tried ff/rew with "Sticky
> Keys", wich made things very unstable.. Never used it before.
> You guys using sticky keys?

Not me...


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