[mythtv] Preview release 1 of the new theme G.A.N.T.

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Tue Dec 2 03:15:00 EST 2003

MF> the  theme looks great. the text is a little small for me (i know there will
MF> be issues with this for translated strings and such..)

Make sure you're running at 100x100 DPI.

MF> another, more trivial issue is when there are fewer than 6 buttons, they
MF> space out vertically. i'd like to keep them always a constant distance 
MF> apart, weighted to the top of the screen. a personal preference i 
MF> suppose, but it's nice to always have them in the same place.

Thought  about  it to, not sure how to do it actually. Haven't been that annoyed
by it, but I can have a look at it.

MF> i'll play around with qtlook.txt and ui.xml, possibly copying some stuff 
MF> over from sasquatch, but i don't have a computer facing the tv (and my 
MF> laptop won't be arriving for another 2 weeks), so it's very hard (and 
MF> annoying) to change a setting, walk over to the tv, walk back, etc. so i 
MF> don't know how productive i'll be. i guess what i'm saying is don't rely 
MF> on me for work :)

That's exactly my problems as well, I have to walk into another room, wich makes
it a pain in the ass :)

MF> i'm impressed so far though (and will be using the g.a.n.t. icons in panther
MF> soon), matt



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