[mythtv] Latest CVS EPG Won't Build with XVMC

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sun Aug 31 22:23:35 EDT 2003

On Sunday 31 August 2003 02:10 pm, Rick Weldon wrote:
> I get the same thing Issac :(  Now it seems the CVS server has gone away. I
> can ping cvs.mythtv.org but attempts to checkout a fresh tree just hang.
> I've got another copy of the tree that builds on another machine here. I
> was going to "cvs diff" the epg dir and see whats changed and try to figure
> out why the build is now broken. I've not had any trouble building before
> last night and I was staying fairly current.
> settings.pro says "Do *not* enable this". I didn't, but why? Sorry but I'm
> confused. You pointed me to this but the comment says don't do it.
> I didn't enable it so that I could see if the build would go withouth xvmc
> and I didn't use --enable-xvmc either. It didn't. When CVS comes back I'll
> try to figure out why.

Builds absolutely fine here both ways.  It says 'don't enable it' because 
turning on xvmc used to break playback of non-mpeg2 files, and I didn't want 
random people seeing the option, turning it on, then complaining to the list 
about stuff not working.


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