[mythtv] SELECT where RecordChanged... once a second

Kirby Vandivort kvandivo at ks.uiuc.edu
Fri Aug 29 15:07:26 EDT 2003

Ran out of space on one of my partitions last night and was digging
around looking for why, and tracked it down to the mysql.log log file.

Come to find out, 

SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = "RecordChanged"

is getting called once a second, every second..

So, this was chewing up 92 bytes/line of the log file, 3600 times a
hour, 24 hours a day..  (close to 8 megs of logs a day)

I've since reworked the mysql logging parameters a bit to remove my
problem with it.. 

This was indirectly mentioned back in April..  


Since we can assume that the finest granularity of programming is
on the minute, is it really necessary to check every second?

>From looking in scheduler.cpp, it looks like a sleep(1) is being
done at the end of the while(1) and the db call is (eventually)
getting done inside of that while.  There are a number of things
going on inside the loop; some of which need a granularity of 1
second..  I wonder if the SELECT could be pulled out of that..

I'm just thinking out loud.  I might look into doing something about
the frequency of that at some point if I get a chance if people see it
as a useful thing.


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