[mythtv] Re:Transcoding pvr-250 files

Vinton Coffman vintonc at redzone.com
Fri Aug 29 01:43:01 EDT 2003

 > The audio pitch is definitely shifted lower. The video is somewhat
 > different than the original. I've only used the pvr-250 so this is my
 > first experience with mythtv and mpeg4. I have all of the high quality
 > settings enabled and running on a Athlon 2500. I wouldn't say the lip
 > syncing is off because the dialog starts and stops match up with the
 > start and stops of the lips moving, however, the movements in between
 > are off. Other movement like a scrolling weather warning at the bottom
 > of the screen and people walking look smooth. It like there's not
 > enough lip movements between starting and stopping for the words
 > spoken(frames missing?). Maybe the motion oddities are normal for
 > mpeg4 and just emphasized by the change in pitch of the audio. Maybe
 > someone with more experience with mythtv and mpeg4 can give their
 > observations.

I just saw the patch from the "[PATCH] Transcoding, MPEG2, streaming" 
thread.  Does "transcode14.patch" address the audio issues I cited in 
the above post?  Should I apply it now or wait until we have the other 
issue worked out?

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