[mythtv] mythmusic bug

Rick Weldon rick at nova.org
Thu Aug 28 01:51:26 EDT 2003

When using the flac encoder if the FLAC_file_encoder_init fails (for instance 
the output file is not writeable for whatever reason) mythfrontend crashes. 

if (FLAC__file_encoder_init(encoder) != FLAC__FILE_ENCODER_OK)
        cout << "Couldn't init encoder.\n";

    for (int i = 0; i < NUM_CHANNELS; i++)
        input[i] = &(inputin[i][0]); 

In the snippit above from flacencoder.cpp, even though it can't init the 
encoder it still tries to execute the for loop and segv's.  I'd submit a 
patch but I'm not familiar enough with the code yet to know the best way to 
fix it. 


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