[mythtv] CVS bugs..

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Wed Aug 27 21:55:45 EDT 2003

I _just_ grabbed the latest version of myth, and it seems that lame
encoding is broken.  Mythbackend exits with a 'lame returned -3' error,
and though I havn't been able to find any liblame docs, the source seems
to indicate that the global lame struct is not properly initalized... 

I've since turned off compressed audio and it works fine..

I've been unable to do effective debugging as gdb will either crash my
application (myth) or else, when I break, or when it crashes, it doesn't
have the stack, bt doesn't work, etc..

I got the latest version of gdb (5.3) running with an 'AT' upgraded RH9
system.  Are there any libs I need to upgrade? 


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