[mythtv] mythchannels DVB problem

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Wed Aug 27 18:23:14 EDT 2003

David, pls note that mythchannels was not going to be accepted in the way
that was being developed, so has been droped.
Besides that,  take a look to my comments below to see if helps you:

> Hi, i set up mythtv with the current mythtv CVS and the newest
> mythchannels patch. i also imported channels and got mythbackend running
> and tuning into a dvb channel. if i start mythfrontend now it also

If your channels have been already imported, and mythbackend tuned to the
first channel, looks like his job it's done and now you are experiencing
problems with the player, not mythchannels.

> works. but if i try to watch tv i only get a black screen, no error and
> the program hangs. if i start mythtv manually i get the output
> "connecting to backend.....". after that it just gives no more output.
> is this a known issue or did i miss something? i use gentoo 1.4, a
> nova-s usb, dvb-kernel/2.4 and patched/compiled mythtv manually.

Umm, I've seen a similar behaviour when in fact the channel wasn't tuned and
no signal was locked. Before you said that yes, so might be helpful here if
you provide your mythbackend output to confirm that point.
Also be sure that your DVB drivers are working properly. A good way to
confirm that is to use dvbstream from dvbtools and playback the stream with
xine/mplayer as described in dvbtools instructions. MythTV works in a very
similar way, so when works with dvbstream/player, should hopefully work with

I'm curiuous to know from which format did you imported your channels.


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