[mythtv] mythchannels DVB problem

David Mittelstädt david at flowerz.de
Wed Aug 27 13:38:36 EDT 2003

Hi, i set up mythtv with the current mythtv CVS and the newest 
mythchannels patch. i also imported channels and got mythbackend running 
and tuning into a dvb channel. if i start mythfrontend now it also 
works. but if i try to watch tv i only get a black screen, no error and 
the program hangs. if i start mythtv manually i get the output 
"connecting to backend.....". after that it just gives no more output. 
is this a known issue or did i miss something? i use gentoo 1.4, a 
nova-s usb, dvb-kernel/2.4 and patched/compiled mythtv manually.


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