[mythtv] Re:Mini patch: DVB Pids

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Aug 27 02:13:08 EDT 2003

Come on Isaac, this is completely uncalled for. This guy has made a lot 
of people very happy with the stuff he made and you can't fault him for 
being beligerent because he feels all his work has been for naught.

The point lots of people are trying to make, and I'll now add my voice 
to them, is that these tables are _not_ static, maybe _now_ there is no 
code that is writing to the tables but it's extremely likely that in the 
future there will be. And starting with static arrays and changing them 
to database tables later on is just a waste of time. The fact that the 
module itself does not write to the table should not be an obstacle 
either because neither does the TV module write to the channels table.

Statically compiled tables for things that aren't 100% permanent are 
just plain bad news, look at the frequency tables compiled into the ivtv 
tools, which is the main reason why I need an external channel changing 
script: the Dutch channels don't seem to adhere to any rules so I have 
to make my own mapping. Exactly the kind of mappings that are obvious 
candidates for inclusion in a database.

The fact that some of the information changes a lot more slowly than the 
code in CVS shouldn't blind us from the fact that most of the 
information in these tables should either [a] be dynamically 
configurable (think setup programs or automatic updaters) or [b] just 
available for general lookup because it will make the information so 
much more accessible. (think MythWeb just needing one query and a simple 
loop to show most of the information instead of having to look up all 
kinds of values in static arrays for which it will have to contact the 


Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Tuesday 26 August 2003 07:33 am, Ramon Roca wrote:
>>well, since storing data/user setup into the database is not longer needed,
>>you can also take out mysql...
>>looks like a very complete dvb setup / lightweight database-free version is
>>does anybody have an idea of when it will be available? I'm don't want to
>>stress anybody, although soccer season have just started now, I can still
>>setup vdr for that.
>What are you smoking?  I'm talking about the tables which you are populating 
>with data in the insert script and aren't writing to _at all_ in the code.  
>Why would they need to go into the database if they're going to be the exact 
>same thing for every single user?  If they're in the source (like the analog 
>channel frequency tables), there's no need to do a database hit, and that 
>makes the code _faster_.  You haven't said anything contrary to that except 
>"they might need to be updated every couple months."
>I begin to see why you can't seem to contribute to this project in a 
>meaningful way.
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