[mythtv] Re:Mini patch: DVB Pids

Edward Wildgoose edward.wildgoose at frmhedge.com
Tue Aug 26 17:02:13 EDT 2003

> > > Heh, this sounds like something, why don't we move the settings table
> too?
> >
> > Um, what?
> >
> well, since storing data/user setup into the database is not longer
> you can also take out mysql...
> looks like a very complete dvb setup / lightweight database-free version
> coming!
> does anybody have an idea of when it will be available? I'm don't want to
> stress anybody, although soccer season have just started now, I can still
> setup vdr for that.

Hmm, I'm sure that isn't what Isaac meant.  However, lets try and keep
things constructive.

The patch is on the table to hammer out to everyone's satisfaction.
Personally I don't care that much where we store the data, but since it
feels like data that will be used in the same query as the query to get
channels data, it intuitively feels right to me to put it all in the DB.

Isaac: if this doesn't fit then please just tell me where you would rather
have it and I will recode.  It's not a big deal, but please try to indicate
what you would prefer me to do because we should try and make this nice and

For example if you really want this stored outside the mysql db, then
perhaps we need to produce a nice generic database lookalike bit of code to
store all our static lookups so that the code remains clean.  I'm sure that
this could be usefully shared with other modules which need to store static
lists of data (eg list of possible genre tags for MP3 tags, etc).

However we do it (and I would definitely prefer to use a proper DB) we
should aim to seperate code and data.  I think this is a useful and
important goal (not always achievable of course!)

If we are now good to go on the PID's stuff, diseq bits and cam mappings
tables at least, then could we have those bits committed please? (Ben did
you want me to add pids_ac3 first or come back to it later?).  Would you
like me to cut down the mc.sql table and cvs.sql to exclude the tables under
discussion above?  The patch to dvbchannel is only affected by the changes
to the pid column names, so no problem there.

Thanks all

Ed W

(I seem to have a 2 hour delay on receiving messages at the moment, so I
hope this doesn't cross past someone elses reply)

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