[mythtv] RE: Two Bugs in Mythtv v0.11 & Two Usability Requests

Todd Greene tngreene at pacbell.net
Tue Aug 26 16:13:09 EDT 2003

Hi all,

Two bugs in Mythtv 0.11 (and in previous versions as well):

(1) The frontend hangs or crashes if the backend is not running.  It would
be nice if the frontend detected the backend being down, and gave a nice
error message.  (I also noticed that the backend is crashing more in 0.11,
but I haven't figured out when yet).

(2) (Using PVR250): If mythtv is recording a program on a channel that has
no reception (i.e. the antenna is unplugged for example), the result is a
small mpeg file that causes problems with the Mythtv.  When scrolling
through the "Watch Recordings" menu, the UI hangs for ~10 seconds or more on
each of these recordings.  This occurs even when it is set up *not* to show
previews of the recording of the window, and only show thumbnails.  It also
hangs for ~10 seconds when trying to delete these recordings on the "Delete
Recordiings" Menu.

Two usability requests:

(1) When choosing a menu option (especially "Watch Recordings", or
"Weather") there is usually a long delay (~5-7 seconds) before the next
screen is displayed.  (This may also be exaggerated because my backend is a
Pentium 3/450).  When a menu is selected, it would be nice if Myth would
make a sound, and possibly even put up a message that says "loading." so the
user knew that their button-click was registered.

(2) The ability to pop-up a help menu during TV/recording watching so people
could remember the keyboard commands.  It would be nice if this was
configurable with a custom jpg, this way people could put pictures of their
own remotes and show the key mappings that applied to their setup.

Hope this helps.  In the future, which list would be better for this type of
email:  users or dev?

-- Todd

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