[mythtv] Re:Transcoding pvr-250 files

Vinton Coffman vintonc at redzone.com
Tue Aug 26 13:19:36 EDT 2003

So transcoding pvr-250 files works, Yeahhh!  One little problem though, 
skipping or scanning forward or backward doesn't work and the recording 
time doesn't display properly.

I transcoded two half-hour shows only changing the audio settings 
between encodings.
Here's my settings.

640 x 480
bitrate 4000
max quality 2
min quality 15
max qual between frames 3
scale bitratte for frame size
enable high quality encoding
enable 4mv encoding
sampling rate 48000
codec uncompressed for the first one and  mp3 for the second one

The first file went from 1.7 GB to 953 MB with uncompressed audio.  The 
second file went from 1.7 GB to 652 MB using mp3.

Both files play through with really good audio and video quality.  I 
edited the cutlist before transcoding.  There  were 2 commercial breaks 
in each that I marked.  Transcoding honored the cutlist and removed 
these sections just fine, however, the elapse timer for the show still 
indicated that the show is 30:00 in length.  The one show ends with the 
timer displaying 20:50 which sounds reasonable with the commercials 

Shouldn't the elapse timer reflect the real length of the show after 
transcoding or is it using the length from the database?

As I mentioned above the files play through without a hitch, however, 
you can't scan or skip forward or reverse.  The OSD updates to indicate 
the first skip increment current position +/- increment but not any 
additional increments.  The actual video update doesn't occur.  The 
info OSD's still pop up and fade correctly but the video doesn't resume 
playing.  You can still exit the video and it says "Saving Position" 
but when you select the video again it starts playing at the beginning.

Let me know if I can provide any more information or testing.


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