[mythtv] Audio level normalization

Roy Hooper rhooper at toybox.ca
Mon Aug 25 16:15:51 EDT 2003

Mark J. Titorenko wrote:

>I'm definitely interested in getting a compressor implemented.  I'm so
>incredibly fed up with the UK TV approach of ridiculously loud volume
>of adverts/trailers when compared to the volume of the actual
>programmes that are being broadcast.
It's not just the UK that does that.. Its a big problem here in Canada 
with both the Canadian channels and imported US channels. 

>I notice that liba52 has a "dynamic range" feature, although
>I'm not at all familiar with how it might be adapted; I imagine it
>will be AC3-specific.
I believe typically both AC3 and DTS offer dynamic range compression -- 
I know my old (circa 1999) DVD player supported dynamic range 
compression for both formats of audio, but not for others.

>Perhaps a better option might be AudioCompress, originally written as
>a plugin for XMMS, but latterly adapted for command line use with raw
>PCM streams.  AudioCompress can be found at:
>Does anybody think this is feasible? :-)
Anything's feasable given enough CPU power and coding time :-)


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