[mythtv] Audio level normalization

Mark J. Titorenko mythtv-dev at titorenko.net
Mon Aug 25 20:09:59 EDT 2003

On Mon, Aug 25, 2003 at 11:49:15AM -0500, Joel Feenstra wrote:
> I have the same problem with the volume of tv-vs-music. The volume's 
> should be independant, but they are both saved to the same setting in 
> the database. As for the explosions, the audio would probably need to be 
> compressed more than normalized. That would bring all the audio to the 
> same level. Normalizing just brings the highest spot up to zero.

I'm definitely interested in getting a compressor implemented.  I'm so
incredibly fed up with the UK TV approach of ridiculously loud volume
of adverts/trailers when compared to the volume of the actual
programmes that are being broadcast.

Perhaps audio filters could be added to NuppelVideoPlayer and
processed in the AddAudioData methods before the samples are passed to
the AudioOutput instance?

I notice that liba52 has a "dynamic range" feature, although
I'm not at all familiar with how it might be adapted; I imagine it
will be AC3-specific.

Perhaps a better option might be AudioCompress, originally written as
a plugin for XMMS, but latterly adapted for command line use with raw
PCM streams.  AudioCompress can be found at:


Does anybody think this is feasible? :-)



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