[mythtv] MythDVD: "You probably want to report this to a mailing list or something:"

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Sat Aug 23 06:44:34 EDT 2003

On Saturday 23 August 2003 01:40 am, Bill Hull wrote:
> so I am....
> dvdprobe.o: You have a title on your dvd in format myth doesn't understand.
> dvdprobe.o: Either that, or you haven't installed the dvdinput table.
> dvdprobe.o: You probably want to report this to a mailing list or
> something: height = 32
>                    width = 480
>             aspect ratio = 4:3
>               frame rate = 23.976
>                  fr_code = 1
>              letterboxed = false
>                   format = ntsc
> I haven't had a problem with any other DVD.. This is from the widescreen
> version of Backdraft.

	Hmmm, that doesn't look quite right. Either I'm doing something wrong in 
reading libdvdread structs, there's something wrong with libdvdread, or the 
disc is wonky (does it play OK?).

	If you could run in through tcprobe (part of transcode) like this 
(substituting title_number for the relevant title #):

		tcprobe -i /dev/dvd -T [track_number] 

	and post the results here, that will help narrow down where the problem is.


- thor


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