[mythtv] mythweb2 - small updates

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Aug 23 02:34:57 EDT 2003

Just a minor announcement...

I've just committed some changes to mythweb2 to add support for a
settings section.  At the moment, this is limited to editing of the
values in the channel table, but eventually I hope to get access to most
of the raw data stuff in the database in a nice interface.

I've also committed a profile/rank/expire patch from Mark Edwards.

For those of you who submitted other patches to me - I'm running a bit
slow with things due to some big deadlines at work.  I'll get to them
when I can.

Also, I'm looking for logos...  Anyone interested in reworking the
default myth logos for music/video/tv/settings/etc to look a bit better
on a web page please let me know (or just send them over).  For the most
part, I'd like something to match what mythweb2 has now, but one for
each section.  Eventually, we'll expand into an index-oriented approach
like myth itself, but those buttons are of lesser importance to me at
the moment.


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