[mythtv] unprivileged user?

Rick Warner rick at sapphire.no-ip.com
Wed Aug 20 22:21:42 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 12 August 2003 01:23 pm, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Alan Snyder wrote:
> >Doesn't the ability of the application to switch users
> >depend upon setuid root and isn't every additional setuid root program a
> >security risk?
> Not if you are already root, I don't think so :).
> How about just outputting a warning to stderr, if the user runs it as
> root, advising the user not to do so, instead of actually changing the
> user?
> Changing users would probably have strange effects on the reading of the
> config files as well, esp. if you apply it to mythfilldatabase as well
> (the XMLTV config files).
This patch will output a warning to stderr if running as root.  This seems 
like a good compromise to me.
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