[mythtv] making some progress...... found one bug..

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Wed Aug 20 05:34:15 EDT 2003

I tracked it down to mythfrontend's guidegrid trying to load icons that
don't exist.  The function 

	void GuideGrid::paintChannels(QPainter *p)

checks to see if there is a valid 'icon' to load ...

	if (chinfo->iconpath != "none" && chinfo->iconpath != "" )

however, by printing out chinfo->iconpath.ascii(), I get (null) when I
print it out.. this is what propages to the mythbackend and causes it to
crash.  I tried to fix it using something like this ...

	if (chinfo->iconpath != "none" && chinfo->iconpath != ""  && ! chinfo->iconpath.isNull() )

but it's still trying to load (null) iconpaths.  I'm fairly tired now,
to do more investigating.  However, as  test, I tried updating my
channel table..

	mysql> update channel set icon="none" where icon="";

this fixed my problem and it no longer tries to load the icons from the
mythbackend.  However, this still leaves a few issues : 

1-why does mythbackend crash. I havn't been able to use gdb to figure
this out.
2-if a database entry is blank (""), but not null -- why is iconpath loading
up as NULL and not "" (which is what is being tested for)
3-my sound starts stuttering when i change channels (pundit's intel8x1
alsa driver) -- well, not related, by it's my new thing to track down


On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 01:15:02AM -0700, Reza Naima sent me this...
> As stated before, changing channels in the EPG results in requests for a
> file transfer.  Adding some debugging statements....
>         QUrl qurl = slist[1];
>         QString filename = LocalFilePath(qurl);
> 	cout << " - Requesting " << filename.ascii() << endl;
> resulted in...
>  - Requesting /var/mythtv/(null)
> Every so often as I scroll through the channels. And after enough of
> them, it segfaults (still need to track that down,
> though it's painful as I can't seem to run gdb on mythbackend without
> causing it to crash instantly.)
> Any hints on where to look for the source of the null file requests?
> Reza

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