[mythtv] [PATCH] Wythweb2 - Mythvideo

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Aug 19 21:54:37 EDT 2003

> This patch adds a simple page for MythVideo, lists the videos and any
> associated cover files, it's based on the Recorded programs stuff. Adds
> three new parameters to conf.php. The coverfiles are only shown if
> show_recorded_pixmaps is set to true.

Committed.  Looks good (I don't have any video hooked up on my machine
at the moment, so I just get a blank page).  I've removed classes.php
(leftover from the old mythweb), but put your Video class into the
video.php file.  Could make a separate php file for it, but it seemed
silly until it gets used in more than one spot (like if you made a
video_details page that brought up cover art, etc).

For future reference, in the non-tv sections, you need to define a
print_menu_content() function in the theme class.  This way, you don't
end up with the "tv" commands in the video section (or whatever).

Also, if anyone is interested, I'd like to get separate (hopefully
matching) top-left logo images for the various sections, rather than
just the main mythtv one that's there now.  I've just been a little busy
to go through and make some.


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