[mythtv] [PATCH] Wythweb2 - Mythvideo

Steele Price steele at xtcp.net
Wed Aug 20 02:17:36 EDT 2003

I haven't gotten around to this yet, but I propose that the index page at
least be accessible without Mythbackend.  Add options for MythTV, Video and
Music, add maintenance pages for accessing settings table in the database
from a list, etc.  There are obviously a million things that can be done to
a webapp, is there a general todo for Mythweb already other than the README?
I can help on this immediately as I have a hell of alot more
soap/xml/php/sql experience (many years) than c++ (about 3 weeks). I didn't
want all the direct backend access people to hate the extra step.  Of course
they could just go bookmark the next page down and bypass the index page.

I am already implementing a pseudo stored procedure library my storing my
commonly used queuries in the settings table.  Here is one I run
date=update videometadata set showlevel=0 where not FIND_IN_SET(right

I would like to propose that we use either the settings table as a query
repository so we can update it easily, or make a new table to store them.
but some common naming scheme like I am using would be appropriate.

Steele Price
Digital Dreamshop

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> > This patch adds a simple page for MythVideo, lists the videos and any
> > associated cover files, it's based on the Recorded programs stuff. Adds
> > three new parameters to conf.php. The coverfiles are only shown if
> > show_recorded_pixmaps is set to true.
> Committed.  Looks good (I don't have any video hooked up on my machine
> at the moment, so I just get a blank page).  I've removed classes.php
> (leftover from the old mythweb), but put your Video class into the
> video.php file.  Could make a separate php file for it, but it seemed
> silly until it gets used in more than one spot (like if you made a
> video_details page that brought up cover art, etc).
> For future reference, in the non-tv sections, you need to define a
> print_menu_content() function in the theme class.  This way, you don't
> end up with the "tv" commands in the video section (or whatever).
> Also, if anyone is interested, I'd like to get separate (hopefully
> matching) top-left logo images for the various sections, rather than
> just the main mythtv one that's there now.  I've just been a little busy
> to go through and make some.
> -Chris
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