[mythtv] tvtime launcher script for myth (EXECTV)

John Hurliman webmaster at focustheater.com
Tue Aug 19 13:12:35 EDT 2003

Last night I decided to actually try and use the patch I wrote for 
EXECTV (beyond debugging) and realize it's a bit useless to launch 
xawtv/tvtime directly from myth, as the line-in will be muted! Here's a 
simple script to unmute the Aux line in ALSA, launch tvtime fullscreen 
(and with control over the master volume mixer) then mute the line 
again. Most people might need to change Aux to Line, or whatever it is.

# Unmute AUX (tuner line-in)
amixer sset Aux,0 playback on
# Launch tvtime
tvtime -m -x /dev/mixer:vol
# Mute AUX
amixer sset Aux,0 playback off


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