[mythtv] Strange problem with Mythweb in 0.11

Magnus Hoglund mho at du.se
Wed Aug 20 00:52:28 EDT 2003

 > > It's not trying to add to the $Channels array there.  It's trying to add to
 > > the $Channels[$show->chanid] array.  Which isn't specifically set to
 > > array().
 > Ahh.. ok... I got confused by all the brackets... :)
 > > Odd that it doesn't give you that same error on line 57, as it's
 > > doing the same thing with $Programs.
 > Yes, thats really strange to... I can't understand why I get these warnings...
 > I've even configured my PHP to only write out errors with
 > "error_reporting = E_COMPILE_ERROR|E_ERROR|E_CORE_ERROR" in php.ini, but still
 > get these warnings... The script is also very slow (compared to earlier) and
 > it seems to make a lot of disk-accesses when rendering the page...
 > I'll try to track down some more details...

Changing rows 37 and 38 of recorded_programs.php to this (below) solves all my
problems and makes the page load 20 times faster!

37:        $Programs       = array(array());
38:        $Channels       = array(array());

Do you want me to generate a patch or is this mail enough?

Regards, Magnus

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