[mythtv] transcoding with cutlist

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon Aug 18 17:40:19 EDT 2003

> > no clue, but in the ffmpeg documentation, it says something to the
> > extent of "if ffmpeg can't determine the size, you must specify it".
> right, this is assuming there was a file header, whiche there isn't.

gotcha.  I just know that other programs can deal with raw video just
fine, so maybe they're using some kind of file header or something.  no

> Nope.  audio is in raw form (in general 16bits per sample little-endian).
>  Again, no header information.  If you encoded at 44.1kHz, most programs
> will assume this, so you probably didn't notice.  However, I encode at
> 32kHz, which means everything sounds like chipmunks if I don't set the
> audiorate.

ok, yeah, I see that now.  toolame defaults to 44.1

Is the audio sample rate in the nuv header?  If so, I can pull it out
with my script.  Otherwise, we'd need something like a streams.info file
to go into the fifodir that would contain all of the relevant
information about the stream.


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