[mythtv] MythChannels droped.

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Tue Aug 19 00:42:34 EDT 2003

Oh nice! contributing, I'll be happy to help then:

> Your patch:
> -                  " pids "
> +                  " vpids, apids "
> ...
> -    option = query.value(13).toString();
> +    // Currently video/audio pids are being parsed at SetPID  being
> +    // by ','... we'll see how will that be done in the future...
> +    option = query.value(13).toString()+","+query.value(14).toString();
> What I asked for instead:
> -                  " pids "
> +                  " pids_vid, pids_aud, pids_ac3, pids_teletext,
> pids_subtitle, pids_other "
> ...
> -    option = query.value(13).toString();
> +    option = query.value(13).toString()+","+query.value(14).toString()
>             +","+query.value(15).toString()+","+query.value(16).toString()

Well, nice to discover new pids that even things like vdr or stacodx know
about, we have to findout what to put in there right? =) What happen with
pcr pids?, I already can get those if present at vdr channels.conf files.
BTW, will not do that exactly what currently does? Didn't you said things
like it was breaking things like AC3 support on the player?
Also I thought that you first request was to setup everything in a single
column, are you now forgetting that requirement? And what about the other
requirements? How I can be sure of really what you want? Aren't you now only
talking about the pids thing?
I see that you don't care of throwing those extra pids to the player, are
you sure that it will not give any problem to the player? I haven't tested
that, maybe you know...

> >-It takes more than 15/30 minutes to rename a table/column and then
review mythchannels 7,000 lines of code to change all the places where it
was used without introducing new bugs.
> >
> grep or any other search function? It can't be that hard to replace
> "tpid" with "pids_teletext".

Well, I do use a search/replace funtion within vi. Not automatic trying to
be sure... Then I compile a do some tests loading some of the files that I
have, anyway those tests are still incomplete.... and all of this already
takes more than 15 minutes, I told you, I'm so bad. Since I'm that bad, I
was just focused trying to help those who ran into real problems, sorry
about that.

> As for the names:
>     * What is better? adpid or pids_ac3? I think the answer is clear.
>     * Can we change it later? We can, but it's much harder, because
>       users will already be using it. And, if you don't want to change
>       it now, why would you do it later?

Look how bad I am, I'm not even sure how to call even the apids, since they
are un fact the default audio pid to be used on that channel, I've seen some
channels where all the pids are digital.I was doing now in that way just
because was the way that vdr was calling them.
About changing it later, sure it can be done, aren't you trying to tell me
how to patch? I have already renamed some columns, well, it took more than
15 minutes anyway...

> I hope you see it's not unreasonable what I ask from you, but increases
> code quality.
I'm absolutely sure that my code could and has to be improved a lot.
What I'm not sure is exactly what do you mean by code quality: Increases
code quality things like take out verifications from the original dvb code,
say that you simply forget documenting it, and thinking that just by
documenting that will prevent from users keeping away of that pitfall...
Isn't that another of your "requirements"? I'm talking about the freq

> You're basically throwing some code at us "take it or leave it". You're
> not willing to change anything *at all*. This isn't how it works.

Absolutely not, I'm saying work on it and go forward. I simply do priorize
now to solve real bugs of those who were already using it. I have been doing
a lot of changes on it.

> >I'm sure that will be better programmers looking for a boss who will be
very disciplinated doing what you want for free.
> >
> You should really try to get something into Mozilla or the Linux kernel.
> With Mozilla, you can be happy, if somebody cares about your patch at all.
> And I really did care about your patch, I spent several hours to discuss
> it with you, although I really didn't want to.
> Anyways, don't let that spoil your vacation mood. It's just software :).
> Ben

Yes =), that's why I'm droping, I'm just not comfortable in what you mean by
"taking care". Thanks for warning me from those projects, if by that you
mean that you have a larger experience working in complex projects, we can
always contrast our cv's and we will see. Anyway that's absolutely not
relevant to me, I was working for a hobby within a teamwork, note that the
expression "boss" was just taken from some of you own previous comments.

In the meantime, If you want to get back to me for any other doubt while
patching that code, I'll be happy to try to help you.


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