[mythtv] Re:DVB & mythchannels

matt.jarvis at philips.com matt.jarvis at philips.com
Mon Aug 18 13:08:49 EDT 2003

My ten cents worth on this thread :

> Playback, incl. AC3 and 16:9, works. 

Yep, confirmed here too, on Nova-t 16:9 works. I also can't test AC3. 
However, switching between a 4:3 channel and 16:9 channel causes the bars 
above and below the 16:9 picture to change from black to blue, which is 
visually a bit distracting !

> Seeking/skipping is reportedly broken (1 report, please confirm) 

Seeking in LiveTV works for me, haven't tried in a recording ( I mainly 
use my myth box for livetv, with multiple frontends )

> LiveTV sometimes crashes during channel changes. (still true?) 

Isaac's patch to CVs fixed this for me. Now works perfectly. Only issue is 
a freeze after leaving LiveTV running for a couple of hours - will 
investigate this further in the next couple of days.

> Basically, MythTV needs to learn about the concept of a "station" (e.g. 
> BBC1) in contrast to a "channel" (BBC1 on analog TV, channum E23 or on 
> DVB satellite Astra 1F, freq 123465456 Hz, Pol ..., PIDs ...). The user 
> only deals with stations and MythTV uses the best available channel. 

My thoughts on this were that it could be achieved by adding another 
column to the channels table for equivalence to signal which channums 
actually are the same station or perhaps by using the callsign column  ? 
In terms of Myth using the best available channel, doesn't it already do 
this if you number your sources correctly in the card section ( order them 
by quality ) ?

> Another addition to the todo-list: channel changing in LiveTV is slow. 
> Kenneth wanted to get exact numbers, where exactly it's spending the 
> time and what's the culprit. 

On my Nova-T it takes a couple of seconds to change, but this isn't a big 
problem. My external channel changer on the analogue input takes longer, 
even using the C channel change program instead of the scripts !

Other slight issues :

PiP isn't currently scaled, so DVB doesn't work with it, as we currently 
have no way of changing the capture resolution

Card switching in LiveTV would be a big plus for me right now, although 
Isaac has suggested a menu selection on entering LiveTV to select between 
available cards.


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