[mythtv] Having some problems with DVB-C and mythTV 0.11

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Mon Aug 18 09:04:51 EDT 2003

Georg C. F. Greve wrote:

> DVB (Cable) card
DVB-C support is mostly untested, IIRC, so it's well possible that there 
are still bugs in the channel settings interpreting/checking code:

> DVBChannel: Changing to channel 3 on card 0
> DVBChannel ERROR: Checkchannel could not verify channel!

> channel tables. As I couldn't find a lot of documentation on what they
> are supposed to look like
I wrote a long HTML document about it, search it on the lists.

> Does it save the stream without fiddling

> or does it apply its recording settings? (How?)
No, they are ignored.

> INSERT INTO cardinput VALUES (2,2,2,'DVB','',NULL,'N','','');
startchan is missing. It should be a channum.

[lots of analog channels, I hope you didn't try to record from *them*]

> INSERT INTO channel VALUES (1039,'39','',2,'Bayerisches','Bayerisches 
> FS','',0,'','3.br-online.de',0,32768,32768,32768,32768,'DVB-c');

(Did tv_grab_de adapt the xmltv ids? They seem to match my grabber 
perfectly, from what I could see. Or did you use my grabber?)

Channel seems sane.

The channel_dvb table is missing, that's the most interesting one here.

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