[mythtv] Re:Idea

mpgordon mpgordon at comcast.net
Sat Aug 16 15:43:59 EDT 2003

	I agree that a good foundation is required to build up this plug-in.  I
also looked into Linux X10 drivers and was leaning towards the wish driver.
I looked at heyu but felt that the wish driver was more flexible and would
be a better fit for MythTv.

	I am still familiarizing myself with the MythTv code base as well as wish.

	As I mentioned in my earlier post I would like MythTv actions (play dvd) to
trigger home automation events (dim lights).  I still don't know how this
can be accomplished within the current Myth framework.

	I am using the X10 cm11a controller and various lamp and appliance modules.
I understand the limitations of the one-way x10 modules but the ultimate
goal is to be seated in my favorite chair and control not only the TV and
media components, but also the lighting in the room.  One-way communication
is sufficient for me at this time.

	I do believe that if home automation were to be integrated into Myth that
long term the TV overlay topic introduced in this thread is key to a killer
UI.  My media center is in my basement and I would like to know when there
is someone approaching my front door.  X10 sensors can be used to detect the
motion, a message can be displayed using the TV overlay and if I have a
camera located at the front door, I can use PIP to view the visitor.

	I hope as the summer nears an end that I can make more time to contribute
to this project.

	Thanks for the valuable input.


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