[mythtv] [patch] for xinerama oddity (was: problem using mythtv with xinerama - new behaviour! )

Christian Hoenig me at christianhoenig.de
Sat Aug 16 13:06:47 EDT 2003

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Hi Daniel,

Daniel Paessler wrote
> this happens:
> - when i start it using xineramascreen 1 (tv screen), the blue background
>   appears correctly on the tv, but no button is visible. not good.
> - frontend gives me:
>   Found 2 Xinerama Screens.
>   Using screen 1, 800x600+1152+0
> it seems, the background is independent from the buttons and the buttons
> are somewhere else, but not on the background...where do i have to look for
> them? what could be the problem here? any ideas?

This behaviour comes from a little bug that causes the buttons to be offset by 
the same amount the window is offset. So they disappear from the viewable 

I don't know nothing about that xinerama/windowing stuff. 
So the patch that is included was made by 'trial and error' coding and seems 
to work on both my xinerama/nonxinerama boxes. 

If I broke smth with it, please tell me :-)

take care, have fun

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